The Alchemy of Cooking

«True alchemy transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.» Paracelsus

Every bite must be a palate spectacle – fork-tender. This premise is burnt into Sven’s cooking spoon. With dreamwalking confidence, he combines flavours, textures and colours to create taste experiences for all the senses. Keen to experiment, he uses 35 years of professional experience to elicit tantalising delights from his carefully selected ingredients.

Flanked by his skilled team, the chef ingeniously combines science, creativity and passion to create dishes that create a transformative field of tension between people and food. His world of pleasure strives to expand meals not only materially but also ethereal. This magic art captivates as the leitmotif of his alchemy of cooking.

Your private restaurant

Sven and his crew will transform your kitchen into a private restaurant. Together you will develop a menu that suits your individual preferences and occasions. As a private chef, he is at your side when it comes to culinary experiences. Be it a meal among friends and guests, a business meeting or an event, with «Private Cooking» you just focus on the essentials. You can even book the palate guru when travelling – in fact internationally without limits.


«Hospitality should have no other nature than love.» Henrietta Mears

Treat yourself to the extensive hospitality highlight. If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to spoil your favourite people, Sven Trachsler guarantees to go the extra mile:

Private Cooking

Individual culinary delights for guests & family, business and travel


Complete support in the areas of hospitality, housekeeping and menu, wine and nutritional consulting as well as recruitment of specialist staff and delivery service


Event management for happenings up to approx. 30 people, team building, exclusive Chef Class and outdoor adventures


Sven Trachsler

On a mission since 1985, Sven Trachsler knows all facets of gastronomy. His experience as a chef and in management positions form the basis for his in-depth knowledge of the industry. Whether it’s a luxury restaurant, a 5-star hotel or hospitality management, Sven knows the demands of top culinary quality. He always uses his love of experimentation and creative design power to pamper body and soul with something «special». Sven communicates fluently in German, English, French and Italian.


Patric Eberhard

Globally on the move, Patric Aeberhard looks back on a 25-year career as a chef. A cosmopolitan through and through, he uses his expertise to create exceptional culinary works. In doing so, he is passionate about working with private clients and bringing his experience to bear in a targeted manner, so that time can simply stand still with pleasure. Culinary art on all levels is his matrix, which he playfully accesses when it comes to appealing to people in a sensual way.


«Private Cooking» treats all the information you provide us with confidentiality. Discretion is our credo when it comes to maintaining the highest level of trust. Your guests and clients can rely on their privacy to remain protected.

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