On a Small Scale

For small events with up to 30 guests, Sven Trachsler offers exciting happening concepts that are refreshingly different from the usual offerings. Around the creation of culinary highlights, a playing field of ideas opens up that can be wonderfully implemented inclusively with guests and teams. Food brings people together, creates unity and communication. The preparation of food leads to unforgettable points of contact and a sense of community. In abundance, the appeal is no longer in consumption, but in conscious experience. This is where the holistic nature of the alchemy of cooking comes in. In the now, celebrate with the chef the discovery of Ikigai, of Umami, of the pleasure of enjoyment. Sven has a lot in store for you. Develop with him ideas for stories that have not yet been written.

Chef Class

Get to grips with the amazing techniques of the Chef in a playful way. Prepare flavour combinations together with the expert that you wouldn’t have thought possible. Discover Umami, the fifth sense of taste, and create flavour bombs. Play with textures and learn more about the magic of ingredients. Get creative with the decorative design of food. Nibble, lick and feast to your heart’s content. The Chef Class combines sensuality with valuable tips and tricks.
Team building
The processes in the kitchen are crucial for the quality of the food served. Logistics, fine motor skills, communication and intuition play an overriding role here. For a corporate team, working in the kitchen is a playful way to nurture and advance the collective. Here, too, togetherness creates trust, closeness and insights that arise from an archaic basic need – the supply of energy through food. Loosened up with workshops, competitions and tastings, Sven Trachsler’s teambuilding events captivate with a flair for infotainment that not only entertains but also brings people together.
Cooking and eating outdoors is grounding. Preparing food in the forest, by the river, in the wilderness brings people back in touch with the foundation – with the reason. From grilling around a campfire, to baking in a homemade natural oven, to gathering wild fruits and herbs, there are countless activities that nature offers us. This return to nature can awaken primal forces within us and create formative experiences for family, friends, guests and teams. There is a lot of new territory to discover here. «Private Cooking» helps you start the journey.

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