Everything for guests
«Private Cooking» provides you with services and offers that ensure your complete well-being and that of your guests. Mission and premise at the same time is the satisfaction of hospitable requirements in every respect. This includes not only facets of catering, but also atmosphere, entertainment and service at the highest level. This art has to be learned. With many years of experience, resilience and performance Sven Trachsler offers you alone and collectively an incomparable creative power in the field of hospitality. There are hardly any limits to your individual requirements that cannot be realised.

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The living house
A house is like an organism. In addition to the care and maintenance of the infrastructure, the atmosphere in and around the building needs a lot of attention in order to be harmonious. The heart of a living house is the kitchen. Sven sees it as the central place from where a system mesh moves through the rooms. The house management principle of «Private Cooking» is based on this structure. The life energy flows from the kitchen into all areas of the house. It exudes pleasure, care and inspiration in the daily lives of the residents. Leave the logistics and care of your domicile to professional forces if you want to concentrate on other issues.

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Know how?
Sven Trachsler has spent decades winding his way through the caverns of gastronomy, hardly missing a single experience. He has received countless practical lessons about food, people and socialising, both intentionally and unintentionally. His wealth is knowledge and he is passionate about passing it on. The papillae, buds and receptors of his tongue have stored a library of tastes – well sorted and full of umami. Like a walking encyclopedia, he passes on this expertise on the following topics:
«Private Cooking» assists you in creating menus, taking into account culinary preferences and dietary requirements, and provides suggestions for harmoniously coordinated meals with a flair for variety and creativity. It is also essential here to point out logistical processes that facilitate shopping, kitchen organisation and service.
When selecting, buying and tasting wines, there are decisive facets to consider. Menu choice, budget and general conditions play an important role in the selection of suitable wines. Optimal wine pairing is essential for optimal taste experiences. In addition, Sven can assist you with tastings and wine knowledge. It is also worth seeking his advice on building a collection and storing wines, as well as dealing with oenological terminology and assessing flavour profiles.
Sven Trachsler is aware that healthy eating is of great importance to many people. He recommends preparing his menus in a balanced and nutritious way, using carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality. He himself cooks in a way that preserves the natural flavours and nutrients of the food. He imparts this approach on an individual basis, whether you have special dietary needs, follow a particular diet or simply value a balanced lifestyle.

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Specialist fuel

Successful housekeeping or a successful event requires a professional and well-trained team to ensure that everything runs smoothly. «Private Cooking» offers a comprehensive staffing service. Sven Trachsler’s network reaches far when it comes to qualified professionals in management, kitchen, service and bar keeping. He takes the time to discuss your requirements in detail and guarantees for employees he knows personally or who are reference-checked.

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Luxury delivery service
Sven Trachsler will see to it that your catering is perfectly prepared in your own four walls and ready to serve on time. Save yourself all the organisational hassle of preparing complex menus for you and your guests The “Private Cooking” team will shop, pre-cook and deliver to the venue on time and in style (maximum approx. 10 guests). Enjoy the benefits of a private chef without having to worry about logistical details. On request, Sven will put together the menu for you and impresses with an exquisite delivery service.

Surprise your guests with a delivery service in a class of its own.